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Something's Wrong Down There!

Evaluating Vaginal Complaints


This two (2) credit continuing education module focuses on the three most common vaginal infections: bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis, and vaginal candidiasis. You will learn how to prepare wet mount (slide) in order to evaluate vaginal secretions. The module also includes:

* Use and care of the microscope
* Actual photos of wet mount slides with identification of organisms
* Signs and symptoms of the "Big Three" vaginal infections
* How to evaluate each of the "Big Three" vaginal infections
* Standard treatment for each of the "Big Three" vaginal infections
* Prevention of infection and promotion of vaginal health through diet, supplements, and hygiene

Approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing

Record Keeping and Chart Smarts (6 CEs) - $60

At the completion of this course, students will be able to: 


*Summarize the components of a healthcare record 

*Demonstrate ability to write a professional SOAP note 

*List ten charting do’s and dont’s

*List three legal obligations for maintaining charts 

*Summarize HIPAA regulations regarding client access to medical records. 


The course covers the essentials of documentation, including how to write a professional SOAP note, how to manage electronic charting, HIPAA considerations, what to know about record preservation, handling records when you must transport, and what to do if a state entity requests your records. 


You receive the curriculum download via email, and can work at your own pace. Complete the quiz and SOAP charting exercise, and submit by email when you are finished. Your SOAP note and quiz will be graded and scores returned to you along with your CE certificate for six MEAC contact hours.  $60.00.

Evidence Based Care of the Breastfeeding Couplet (6 CEs) - $60


Evidence Based Care of the Breastfeeding Couplet is a 6 hour continuing education course that reviews the latest evidence on the breastfeeding couplet and how the care provider can best support them.  This course includes:


*  Birth practices that support or negatively impact        


* The anatomy and physiology of breastfeeding

* The equation for adequate milk production

* Getting off to a good start

* What's normal, what is not

* Common breastfeeding problems

* Breastfeeding and fertility

* Breastfeeding and the sexual abuse survivor

* Returning to work while continuing breastfeeding


Cost: $60.00      Credits:  6 MEAC CE credits

Intimate Partner Abuse: Recognizing and Helping the Woman at Risk (2 CE) - $20
It is estimated that one in three women in America have experienced partner abuse.  At the completion of this course, students will be able to 
     *Summarize risk factors for intimate partner                     abuse (IPA)
     *Identify the stages a woman experiences before
      she is ready to break free from her abuser
     *Describe the unique challenges facing lesbian
      women experiencing IPA
     *Identify ways the care provider can explore the
      subject of IPA with the woman
     *List steps the care provider can take to aid
      the woman in getting needed services and help
Approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing
Culturally Competent Care of Women (2 CEs) - $20

Healthcare providers are increasingly called on to give care to women from varying cultural backgrounds, whether ethnicity, religious, gender orientation, or other diversities.  Our clients come from so many different backgrounds, that it would be impossible to be culturally fluent in each one--but every midwife can become culturally competent. Learn what it means to have cultural competency and how you can feel comfortable interacting with any woman from any background.  

Approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing - 2 contact hours $20.00.

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Helping Her Heal: Understanding Birth Trauma

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Botanical Medicine for Women's Health 

Fetal Heart Rate Auscultation: Interpreting What You Hear