New Workshop: NRP in a Homebirth Setting


Few home births ever require the midwife to resuscitate a baby.  But we all worry about whether we'll be prepared if the worst happened. . .a baby with an undiagnosed, serious birth defect. . .the precipitous birth with last-minute meconium aspiration. . .a surprise breech baby that is limp and unresponsive at birth.  We all wonder: will I know what to do?


While trusting birth and honoring the values of home birth, this workshop recognizes the importance of being prepared to assist the very few babies that need a little help to make the transition to newborn life.  Workshop includes:


  1. Simple ways to know if watchful waiting is appropriate or if baby really needs help

  2. Gentle resuscitation techniques

  3. Resuscitating with umbilical cord intact:  How to do it and why you should

  4. Equipment every home birth midwife should carry (includes hands-on practice with new NRP required equipment)

  5. Being prepared for surprise birth defects and variations of birth affecting newborn transition

  6. This workshop includes hands-on practice in use of laryngyscope and laryngeal mask airway


Workshop may be offered in conjunction with Expecting the Best, Prepared for the Worst in order to facilitate practice of childbirth emergency followed by baby resuscitation.

Fee $100/four hour class or $180 when combined with Expecting the Best, Prepared for the Worst.  Provides NRP card.  Contact Janelle for workshop inquiries.