Workshops are scheduled upon request.  In order to arrange a workshop, please contact Midwifery Classroom.  Workshop fees are fully refundable if a midwife must cancel due to having a client in labor.

Workshops To Go

Medication and IV Administration for Midwives (14 CEs -- $200.00 includes online course, on-site workshop, and all needed supplies)

A hybrid course, with 6 hours of credit completed online and 8 hours completed at an on-site workshop.  This course is intended to meet the requirements of many states that CPMs complete specific training in IV and medication management.  Course covers:

Pharmacology of common midwifery formulary medications:




Vitamin K injection/oral


Erythromycin opthalmic


Antibiotic prophylaxis for Group B strep


Essential information you must know about side effects, contraindications, benefits, and risks of each medication


Routes of administration for each medication


Selection of equipment and proper administration of injections


Starting an IV:  What you need to know

IV equipment selection

Tips for tricky IV starts

Calculating IV drip rate


Biohazard and sharps disposal

Bloodborne pathogens


Hands-on practice with medication administration and IV starts -- each participant will be able to perform a minimum of 3 IV sticks 


To arrange for a workshop, a minimum of four participants must register.  Each participant will be sent a link to the didactic coursework one month prior to the on-site workshop. Didactic coursework does not have to be completed before the on-site workshop, but it will enhance participant's learning at the on-site portion.  CE certificates cannot be issued until all coursework is completed.  Fee includes all supplies for medication administration and IV start practice.

Expecting the Best, Prepared for the Worst (8 CEs -- $100)

The American Academy of Pediatrics (2013) states that babies born at home should receive the same quality of services available within the hospital. Home births most often involve low-risk clients and physiologic birth. This results in healthcare providers in the home birth setting rarely encountering perinatal emergencies.  This workshop enables the participants to role-play actual emergency situations, and practice skills in a safe, supportive learning environment.


Research has shown that unless skills are practiced on a regular basis, competency decreases rapidly over time.  This workshop utilizes the MamaNatalie birth simulator.  Participants will have hands-on practice in managing the following emergencies:


Postpartum hemorrhage

Shoulder dystocia

Prolapsed cord

Intrapartum bleeding

Retained placenta

Fetal distress

Maternal cardiac arrest: practice American Heart Association protocol for resuscitation during labor

Neonatal resuscitation with cord intact

To arrange a workshop, a minimum of four participants must register.  

To schedule a workshop, click here to inquire about availability of workshop dates

Basic and Advanced Suturing Skills ($100 -- includes supplies)

Four-hour long morning course covers the basics of suturing: types of lacerations, needle selection for each type of laceration, suture selection for each type of laceration, selection and handling of instruments, basic hand and instrument knot tying, and basic running sutures.


Four-hour long afternoon course covers brief review of the above, and continues with administration of local anesthetic, additional types of suturing, repair of challenging labial and vaginal lacerations, identification of 3rd and 4th degree lacerations, hemostasis when "bleeders" are identified, and management of wound infection/breakdown.

MEAC approved for 8 continuing education credits.

To arrange a workshop, a minimum of four participants must register. 

Bakri Balloon and Vaginal Packing: Emergency Management of Postpartum Hemorrhage at Home (4 CEs -- $50)


No longer just for hospital use, the Bakri Balloon is an innovative tool for management of postpartum hemorrhage that fails to respond to milder measures.  The balloon can be lifesaving in situations where time is of the essence, allowing the midwife to control bleeding while transporting her client to higher-level care.  Each participant will be given the opportunity for hands-on practice of balloon insertion and vaginal packing on a simulated uterus.  The cost of this workshop includes all supplies. 

To arrange a workshop, a minimum of four participants must register. 

Create Your Own Workshop ($50 for 4 hour workshop)


Designed especially for aspiring and student midwives, this workshop can be customized to the participants' needs. Past workshops have included such topics as:


Pap smears and pelvic exams

Urinary catheterization

Basic prenatal visit skills (Leopold's maneuvers, checking fetal heart tones, lab tests)

Cervical exams

Determining fetal position

Phlebotomy for prental care

Customize your workshop to include the skills your participants most want to practice!  To arrange a custom workshop, contact Midwifery Classroom.